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Featured product models are standard. Verify part compatibility by checking equipment serial number or your project spare parts list.
  • Coolant Filtration Systems

    Soluable Oil Filter Experience

    • Successfully installed 32 Coolant Filter Systems since 2009 for 16 different customers
    • Multiple systems on each continent
    • Retrofitted existing paper and press systems to Cuno cartridge filters
    • Expanded existing systems to support additional can lines
    • Start up and Commissioning typically takes 3-4 days
    • Spare parts available through Roeslein (instead of contacting multiple suppliers)
    • Roeslein's approach to customer support is well known throughout the industry
    • Mechanical and electrical engineers are available after Start up and Commissioning to answer any questions customers may have
    • Maintain good relationships with Henkel and Quaker coolant supply companies when troubleshooting unique operational issues
    • Standard 3M Cuno cartridge filter housings handle up to 520 gpm [1968 Ipm]
    • Larger 3M Cuno cartridge filter housings handle up to 850 gpm [3,217 Ipm]
    • First set of 3M Micro-Klean III resin bonded filter cartridges supplied

  • Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) Sump Pumps

    • Pumping unit with no electrical power or control requirements
    • Air driven double diaphragm pump
    • Pneumatic level control system
    • 304SS pump body with Fluorocarbon (FKM) elastomers
    • 304SS pump and pipe mounting frame
    • PVC surge suppressor

  • Body Maker Pipe Drop Assemblies

    • Local above ground sump tank for each body maker/trimmer
    • 304SS 25 gallon [6.6 liter] tank with hinged lids
    • Low Shear Vertical pump designed specifically for continuous operation even with dry sump
    • Reduced depth trenching possible with single sump tank eliminated. Only shallow housekeeping trenches are required in Front End when overhead wet can conveyor systems are used.
    • For up to 6 body makers the system cost with pumpback tanks vs. with standard single sump tank is similar.

  • Bottom Rim Coat / Overvarnish Tanks

    • 304SS tank of 20 gallon volume
    • Graco Ink/Coating pump for bottom coat or Overvarnish coating supply
    • Air driven Fawcett Mixer

  • Bulk Coating Skid Mounted Pumps

    • Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps with 304SS body and PTFE diaphragms for unloading and distributing Internal Coating or Overvarnish
    • Duplex Cuno bag filtration for supply to process equipment
    • 304SS Surge suppressors with Fluorocarbon (FKM) elastomers to reduce pump flow surging
    • Solenoid valve manifold for automatic control of air supply to pumps
    • Epoxy painted carbon steel frame
    • Manual butterfly valves for application of stand-by pump
    • Class 1 Division 2 pumping system with electric service only to solenoids
    • Stand alone or with integrated control system

  • Chilled Water Pump Skids

    • Pump skid for chilled water systems where a primary circuit is required for the chillers and a secondary circuit with a different flow and supply temperature is required for the equipment.
    • Provides for temperature control of secondary circuit above primary circuit without use of heat exchanger.
    • Provides for different flow rates in primary circuit and secondary circuit without use of heat exchanger.
    • Includes Electrical Panel with PLC and HMI
    • Includes expansion tank and shot feeder
    • Vertical In-line pumps, suction diffusers and triple duty valves

  • Newly Designed Coolant Filtration System

    Roeslein™ designs and manufactures compact, modular coolant filtration systems for D&I can manufacturing lines. The high efficiency systems utilize high-flow cartridge filters with automatic changeover capability for increased reliability and reduced downtime. Clean coolant is supplied to the bodymakers at a consistent pressure and temperature, resulting in improved frontend performance and lower maintenance costs.

  • Roeslein Coolant System Pumpback Tanks

    Pumpback Tank explanation
    Traditional coolant return systems require a large gravity return piping header to collect coolant from the bodymaker and trimmer. The gravity return header drains to a single sump tank typically of more than 2500 liters in capacity. Two pumps are mounted to the large sump tank for return of coolant to the Coolant Filtering unit.

    A Pumpback tank consists of a small tank (about 75 liters) with a single small vertical pump which is located next to each bodymaker/trimmer pair. Since coolant is pumped overhead from the floor mounted pumpback tank directly to the Coolant Filtering unit, the trench mounted coolant return header and large sump tank are no longer required. In cases where overhead wet can conveyance is used, the large trench can be eliminated completely and replaced with only a small housekeeping trench.

  • Cooling Water Skid Mounted Pumps

    • Duty and standby centrifugal pumps
    • Two component epoxy painted carbon steel frame and piping
    • Air separator with integral strainer
    • Expansion tank
    • Make up valve and pressure regulator
    • Shot feeder for chemical treatment of system
    • Motor disconnects
    • Stand alone or with integrated control system

  • Individual Machine Status

    A production line is only as efficient as it's lowest volume component. Roeslein™ helps you monitor your plant production by providing key operating data at your fingertips with its convenient, easy to read, multi-platform program NowFlection.

    With NowFlection, plant operating staff can check into their plants production from the main office, at home, on business trips or anywhere in between. Roeslein™'s state of the art program is powerful enough to provide real-time information on multiple plants around the world and detailed enough to provide accurate production information on any piece of equipment.

  • Decorator Air Stand Panels

    • A totally enclosed decorator air stand panel with gauges and regulators mounted in the face of the panel.
    • Individual regulators allow for separate pressure adjustments to the
      • Can Off Spindle
      • Gravure Roller Trip
      • Varnish Roller Trip
      • Air Booster
      • Gear Lube
      • Can Blow-off
      • Can Infeed Stop
      • Varnish Pump
      • Transfer Blow-off
      • Ductor Blow-off
      • Form Roll Throw Off
      • Plus spare connections

  • Pre-Delivery Testing

    The Roeslein™ solution to decorator cooling is an user friendly design with decentralized control for the temperature of the Decorator inkers, gearbox and overvarnish tank. Precise temperature control is achieved through the application of the latest technology in integrated pump and valve controls.

  • Lacquer Day Tanks

    • 304SS day tank for coating materials
    • Integral dip tubes
    • Fully covered top with hinged lid
    • Optional plate heat exchanger

  • Mist Collectors

    • Three stage filtration system with Camfil filter cartridges including MERV 15 final filtration
    • Integral velocity sensor with local velocity readout. This sensor will provide feedback necessary to control fan speed automatically for optimum velocity through the unit and design flowrate for the mist generating equipment.
    • Washable first stage filters. 98 % Efficiency rated for 20 micron and larger droplets.
    • Five star Energy Cost Index filter elements in 2nd and 3rd stages
    • Radial pleated replaceable Merv 8 second stage filters with high wet strength frame
    • V-Bank arrangement, replaceable Merv 16 third stage filters of glass media
    • Filter access doors on both sides of unit with quick release latches
    • Unit flow ranges from 2000 cfm to 12000 cfm
    • Dedicated panel with VFD for fan speed control available

  • Skid Mounted Sump Pumps

    • Compact and Economical Pump skid with either 304SS pump or Polyvinylidene Fluoride Self-Priming pump and CPVC piping
    • Commonly used for Washer and Deionized water system sumps
    • Single electrical Panel and level float balls with mounting kit
    • Frame mounted motor disconnects

  • Newly Designed Ultra Violet Bottom Coating (UVBC)

    Roeslein™ Ultraviolet Bottom Coating (UVBC) is a mass bottom coating and ultraviolet curing system used in the D & I can manufacturing process. The UVBC system applies a more wear-resistant coating, that provides superior protection to the bottom rim surface, resulting in the reduction of aluminum oxide formation, optimizing transfer to can conveyers, transfer plates and machine infeeds. Conventional bottom coatings are typically applied after Base coating or Decorating with a thermal cured process in a single lane bottom coater. Roeslein™'s standard 36 inch wide unit will process up to 4400 cans per minute

    Typically, D & I can manufacturers install the UV Bottom Coating System immediately after the washer in a dome-down orientation. One of the key differences between Thermal-cured and UV cured bottom coating materials is a thicker, more uniform coverage.